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Category Archives: Truck Accident

From “Accident” to “Crash” — Reworded Statute Sends Message Truck Accidents Are Avoidable

By David Boehrer |

A new law that took effect on the first day of 2016 has reworked specific provisions of the Nevada Revised Statutes, changing the word “accident” involving motor vehicles to “crash”. The substitution in legal terminology is intended to send the message that vehicular collision or crashes are preventable occurrences and that drivers must be… Read More »

Trucking Company Held Responsible for Negligent Driver

By David Boehrer |

At the David Boehrer Law Firm we have handled a number of truck-related cases, but none has been as explosive as the 2011 accident involving a truck and an Amtrak passenger train. In June 2011, just east of Reno, a truck owned by John Davis Trucking Co. slammed into the California Zephyr, resulting in… Read More »

Nevada Highway Patrol to Educate Drivers on Causes of Truck Accidents

By David Boehrer |

Truck accidents are some of the deadliest accidents that can happen on the state’s highways and streets. This is because a truck accident often involves a smaller and lighter motor vehicle, a pedestrian, or someone on a bicycle or motorcycle. These are no match for a truck that often weighs over a ton and… Read More »

Fatal Truck Accident When Man Drove in Wrong Direction

By David Boehrer |

A Toyota truck being driven on the wrong direction along the 215 Beltway in Nevada recently crashed into a passenger vehicle killing its female driver on the spot. The driver of the truck manifested signs of drunk driving — bloodshot eyes, flushed face, and the smell of intoxicating liquor in his breath. He also… Read More »

Commercial Truck Accident Legal Options in Nevada

By David Boehrer |

A bustling economy is often indicated by the increased movement of goods along major roads and highways. In the state of Nevada, as trucks, semi-trucks and other large motor vehicles regularly make their way in and around Las Vegas and its neighboring towns, motorists who share the road with these large vehicles are constantly… Read More »

Revised Safety Rules to Reduce Truck Accidents

By David Boehrer |

Statistics show us that truck accidents can cause serious injury and, sadly, death. In 2010 in Nevada alone, approximately 71 out of 235 fatal car crashes involved trucks. The risk of severe injury is higher in such collisions, because of the massive size and weight of a truck. Driver issues such as distracted driving,… Read More »

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