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Category Archives: Motorcycle Accident

Left-Hand Turn Results in Another Motorcycle Accident

By David Boehrer |

On a June evening a northbound traveling motorcycle was driving straight when a vehicle driving southbound took a left hand turn directly in front of the motorcycle. The motorcycle was struck and the driver was injured. While these types of accidents often result in at least one fatality (usually the motorcyclist) the motorcyclist in… Read More »

Speeding Seen in Recent Fatal Motorcycle Accident

By David Boehrer |

Northbound traffic recently stalled for a few hours along the Interstate 15 near Cheyenne Avenue as a result of a motorcycle accident in which one man lost his life. The accident happened at around 2:40 pm when two allegedly speeding motorcycles traveling on the northbound lanes hit one another, causing one of the riders… Read More »

Tyson Assists at Motorcycle Accident Scene

By David Boehrer |

A rider injured in a recent motorcycle accident had a surprise hero in the person of retired boxing champion Mike Tyson. Tyson came to the rescue after the motorcyclist crashed on Interstate 15 in Henderson. The rider crashed after a cab cut him off while traveling along the Henderson Interstate. He suffered broken bones… Read More »

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