Motorcycle Accident

Left-Hand Turn Results in Another Motorcycle Accident

- David Boehrer

On a June evening a northbound traveling motorcycle was driving straight when a vehicle driving southbound took a left hand turn directly in front of the motorcycle.

The motorcycle was struck and the driver was injured.

While these types of accidents often result in at least one fatality (usually the motorcyclist) the motorcyclist in this event was still conscious and talking when medical personnel arrived. The driver was taken for a medical evaluation.

Why Are Left-Hand Accidents So Common?

Left hand turning vehicles often do not see motorcyclists because motorcycles are smaller and therefore less visible than other vehicles on the road.

Other factors which may come into play include driver inattention, driver distraction, blindspots, and even stress (making a left hand turn is more stressful to many drivers and so they want to get it over with – quickly).

Though this accident occurred in the Reno area, the majority of fatal accidents in Nevada (according to Nevada Department of Transportation 2010 data) occurred in Clark County. Out of the 44 fatal motorcycle accidents in the state, 30 were in Clark County.

Additional interesting DOT statistics from 2010 include:

  • 1040 motorcycles were involved in traffic accidents in Nevada in 2010
  • Motorcycles accidents are more likely to cause injury and death, with 79% of accidents resulting in injuries and 4.6% being fatal. As a comparison, for accidents involving four door sedans, 37% resulted in injuries and only 0.25% were fatal
  • Motorcycles were only involved in 1.08% of all collisions, but they accounted for 13.04% of fatal collisions

What to Do If Involved in a Motorcycle Accident

If you have been involved in any type of motorcycle accident, the first step is to seek medical attention and to retain records of all treatment. If you are able, document the accident by taking pictures, gathering the names of everyone involved (as well as the plate number and insurance information from other drivers) and making your own notes about what happened.

If you are injured or the other party has insufficient insurance to cover your losses, legal assistance may necessary. The David Boehrer Law Firm has advocated for victims of motorcycle-related accidents for well over a decade here in Nevada and we are committed to seeking justice for victims.

Should you be facing a serious crisis or want to discuss your case, you can speak with a knowledgeable and compassionate attorney at David Boehrer Law Firm today by calling (702) 750-0750.

Speeding Seen in Recent Fatal Motorcycle Accident

- David Boehrer

Northbound traffic recently stalled for a few hours along the Interstate 15 near Cheyenne Avenue as a result of a motorcycle accident in which one man lost his life.

The accident happened at around 2:40 pm when two allegedly speeding motorcycles traveling on the northbound lanes hit one another, causing one of the riders to lose control over his motorbike and crash into the barrier on the right portion of the road. The impact caused the rider to fall off his vehicle and hit the wall a second time, killing him instantly.

The accident victim’s motorbike continued to travel 500 meters after the crash.

Excessive Speeds and Motorcycle Accidents

In the United States, speeding accounts for one-third of all fatal vehicular accidents, with motorcycle operators comprising the highest proportion of fatalities. Many motorcycles nowadays are engineered to travel at high speeds, allowing riders to experience the thrill and excitement of a fast ride while increasing their risks of motorcycle collisions.

In Nevada, where motorcycles are increasingly popular as a mode of transportation, injuries and deaths arising from motorcycle crashes have also increased, particularly in the rural areas. Speeding is usually a factor in fatal accidents; the faster the motorcycle cycles travel, the more likely it is for its operator to suffer from serious or fatal injuries.

In the latest motorcycle collision to occur in the I-15, both motorcycles that figured in the crash were traveling at excessive speeds at the time the accident occurred. Only one of the motorcycle operators perished in the accident and highway police officers said that the other rider is cooperating in the investigation.

Depending on the outcome of the investigation, the surviving family of the accident victim may be entitled to compensation for the motorcycle accident or wrongful death.

Claiming Compensation

A motorcycle’s lightweight design may be good for aerodynamics but it can also make its operator or rider more susceptible to injury during a crash with another vehicle. Even when traveling at average or safe speeds, a collision between a motorcycle and a heavier vehicle such as an automobile, SUV or truck can have disastrous results for the motorbike operator.

In an accident, the motorcyclist’s injuries can be serious, requiring extensive medical treatment, substantial time off from work, and long periods of therapy or rehabilitation for a full recovery. Obtaining the full value of compensation is absolutely necessary for an accident victim or his family to recover completely.

In metropolitan Henderson and other parts of Nevada, the David Boehrer Law Firm has nearly a decade of motorcycle accident experience, helping clients obtain compensation that they deserve. Call us today for a free initial consultation at (702) 750-0750 or let us visit you at home or the hospital if your injuries prevent you from leaving.

Tyson Assists at Motorcycle Accident Scene

- David Boehrer

A rider injured in a recent motorcycle accident had a surprise hero in the person of retired boxing champion Mike Tyson. Tyson came to the rescue after the motorcyclist crashed on Interstate 15 in Henderson.

The rider crashed after a cab cut him off while traveling along the Henderson Interstate. He suffered broken bones and some torn ligaments, injuries that later required surgery.

One of the first on the scene, Tyson stayed beside the injured rider, comforting him, and kept onlookers from touching the victim until paramedics arrived.

Motorcycle Accidents in Henderson

An estimated 34 motorcyclists and 6 scooter riders have been reported as injured in the Henderson area in the period January to August this year. Many of these accidents are the result of collisions with another motor vehicle.

Distracted driving, speeding, and drunk driving are some of the common causes behind motorcycle crashes in Nevada and anyone injured as a result may have a legal claim for damages under Nevada tort law.

Injuries Arising from Motorcycle Crashes

Due to the relative weight and size of motorcycles and the absence of external protection that car riders enjoy, motorcycle accident victims can suffer physical injuries that range from minor to serious. These include:

  • Bruises
  • Lacerations
  • Concussions
  • Nerve damage around the limbs
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal cord injury, and
  • Facial disfigurement

Injured victims often require medical attention, treatment, rehabilitation, and therapy for complete recovery. If the accident was caused by another party, compensation for both physical and psychological injuries, should be sought.

Your motorcycle accident attorney can help you claim compensation to cover all your medical bills and treatment expenses, as well as lost earnings, expenses for home care, and for your pain and suffering.

Representing Clients in Nevada

In Henderson, Nevada, the David Boehrer Law Firm has years of proven experience in motorcycle accidents, helping clients recover the fair value of compensation that they deserve.

We also handle other types of personal injury cases such as truck accidents, car accidents, and wrongful death. Filing your claim within the prescribed time is vital its success. Call us today at (702) 750-0750 to speak to a lawyer and obtain a free evaluation of your case.