Car Accident

Determining Fault: the Burglar or the Driver?

- David Boehrer

A car accident involving four individuals who were allegedly fleeing from the law in mid-April [2015] has a number of Henderson residents shaking their heads. At approximately 8 p.m. law enforcement responded to a reported robbery on the 1800 block of Plantea Court. With the description of the vehicle in hand, patrol officers were able to track the vehicle allegedly used in the robbery to Flamingo Road.

This is where things became far more dangerous. With law enforcement hot on their tracks, the driver of the vehicle sped off – though almost immediately sped right into a wall. All four occupants of the vehicle were injured as a result.

Each of the four suspects were taken to UMC with injuries that were not life threatening. They were then booked, at the hospital, as suspects of the robbery and shooting.

When the Driver Is Not Always at Fault

There is no question that these four individuals all have bigger problems than claiming damages for injuries they suffered, but it does bring an important misconception to light.

The misconception: that the driver is always at fault.

The vast majority of vehicle accidents are due to the negligence of the person who is operating the vehicle. However, in some situations, one who is not driving the car may find themselves liable – even if they were not even present in the car when the accident occurred.

Some situations include:

  • Allowing a 3rd party to drive your car (authorized or unauthorized)
  • Allowing your children to drive your car (parents may be responsible for their child’s negligent behavior on the road)
  • Having employees drive a business vehicle (employers are held responsible for any wrongful acts their employee may commit when on the road, including negligent driving)
  • Allowing an unfit or incompetent driver to drive your car (this includes an intoxicated driver, one who is unlicensed or underage, one who is ill or one who is inexperienced)

That said, passengers are not at fault in an automobile accident and are usually protected under state laws. In this situation, it is likely that the driver will be found negligent.

When Should a Driver Seek Legal Help?

If you are a passenger injured in a car accident caused by a third party, it is important that you obtain legal representation. We need to be sure that the correct party is determined responsible for your injuries, and that you receive the compensation to which you are entitled.

Our team of accomplished attorneys at David Boehrer Law Firm have provided counsel, with positive outcomes, to numerous injured parties in the Henderson area. If you have been injured in a car accident or are concerned about your rights, we invite you to call us today at (702) 750-0750.


“It Can Wait for 28” Program for Distracted Drivers and Zero Car Accidents in Nevada

- David Boehrer

The Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP) is launching a new program for drivers who are caught texting on the road in an effort to reduce car accidents arising from distracted driving. The program dubbed “It Can Wait for 28” is designed to encourage ticketed drivers to examine their driving habits and help promote the “Zero Fatalities” message of the Department of Public Safety. Successful completion of the program will result in the dismissal of their NHP tickets.

In Nevada, state law prohibits talking or texting on a handheld cellphone or similar device while driving. The law seeks to reduce distracted driving which is a leading cause of car crashes in Nevada. With the ongoing advances in mobile communications, more drivers may be tempted to use their mobile devices on the road. Nevada DOT estimates more than 3,500 distracted driving car crashes in the entire state each year. The current penalty for distracted driving is a fine of up to $1,000 which must be settled in court.

Effective Ways to Reduce Distracted Driving

Even without the NHP program, anyone can stay focused on the road following preventive measures such as:

  • Putting your cellphone in the glove compartment before starting your car
  • Activating applications which temporarily receives or redirect calls to a voice mailbox
  • Making important calls before driving
  • Getting a companion to assist you with driving directions instead of reading maps on the road

Distracted driving car crashes can cause damage to property as well as serious to fatal injuries. If you or a loved one is injured in a car accident caused by another’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Consult a personal injury attorney about your situation.

In the greater Henderson area, David Boehrer Law Firm has years of experience in car accidents injury claims in helping clients recover the maximum amount of damages that they deserve. We also handle other personal injury cases such as motorcycle or truck crashes and wrongful death. To discuss your particular case, we welcome your call at (702) 750-0750 to schedule a free consultation.

Car Accident Trouble Spots in Las Vegas

- David Boehrer

The Henderson Metro Police recently released its list of most dangerous intersections in metropolitan Henderson. These locations had the highest number of car accidents resulting in physical injuries for a period of six months ending on Feb 4 this year (2014).

Intersections associated with high accident rates

  1. Topping the list with 20 injury accidents in 6 months is the intersection of Charleston Boulevard and Lamb Boulevard.
  2. Rainbow Boulevard and Tropicana Avenue with 11 injury accidents in 6 months.
  3. Decatur Road at Tropicana Avenue with 10 injury accidents
  4. Sahara Avenue at Rainbow Boulevard – also 10 injury accidents

A key factor in the increased risk of car accidents is the high volume of traffic generated by the businesses along these Henderson streets. While avoiding these injury-prone sites may reduce your risk of car accidents, other variables beyond your control can still expose you to risks even on other roads in metropolitan Henderson.

Importance of legal services for car accident victims

Car accidents can consist of motor vehicle collisions, a motor vehicle colliding with a bicycle or a motor vehicle hitting a pedestrian. Records show that these crashes can be the result of DUI violations, distracted drivers, and through the fault or negligence of a party.

Depending on the severity of the accident, victims can suffer slight to serious physical injuries, or lose a loved one as a result.

If you or someone you know are involved in a car accident, we suggest that you contact your Henderson car accident lawyer immediately. An experienced and professional attorney will provide legal advice and services – such as

  • gathering information and evidence relating to the accident,
  • preparing your claim against the negligent party,
  • negotiating a settlement on your behalf, and
  • fighting your case in court should an out-of-court settlement not be reached.

Representing Henderson residents

In the greater Henderson, Nevada area, personal injury attorney David Boehrer has years of valuable experience in car accident cases. We have helped clients obtain full and fair settlements to compensate them for their physical, emotional and financial injuries.

We will handle your Henderson car accident case on a contingency fee basis and offer a free initial consultation to assess your situation. We invite you to contact us today at 702-750-0750 to discuss how attorney David Boehrer can help to secure you compensation for your injury.